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The Netherlands
NSIJP The Icelandic Horse Society of The Netherlands Official site
Nornabćli Site with news and interesting facts about the icelandic horse
de Broekstreek Stables Site of Manuela and Nanco Lekkerkerker, Icelandic horses in Drenthe
GVR Gaedingur Obedience, trust, respect; the right start
Stoeterij frá Fjórum
Foto Xander Site with pictures of icelandic horse competitions
frá Wyler Site of Icelandic horse breeder with the stallions Eldjárn vom Mandelbachtal en Ás frá Kópavogi
Landamćri Training and sales of Icelandic horses, with stallion Gandur vom Erlengrund
Stal frá Gaedingi Icelandic Horse company in the center of Holland
Photo album Henk Peterse WC pics, stallion pics and more
Showteam Glóđafeykir Glóđafeykir, The Showteame of the Icelandic Horses
Horses On Ice The icelandic horse ice competition in The Netherlands
Stoeterij van 't Ilperveld 5 minutes from Amsterdam. Breeding, sales, courses, training, stallions and sales of Astund saddles
Vefgrund Company of Marieke Weber for training of horse and rider, and more
frá Skjalaritara Breeder of Icelandic horses in the North of Holland
Hesta Gard "Hekla" Varied icelandic horse company based near the German Reichswald with stallions and online shop
Strandhólar Sigurđur Marinusson (Siggi Mar) FT-trainer
Álfsengi Icelandic horse and training center in Loenen
www.fraKra.nl The hompage van Juliet ten Bokum met de hengsten Glotti fra Kra en Gabriel fra Kra
Noorderzon Company of Annefloor en Saar ;Training, sales and instruction
Stal Stónas An icelandic horse training/teaching company with horses in all sizes, kinds, colours and gaits
www.spee-horses.com Icelandic horse company of Erik and Bianca Spee
IJslandstal De Kronkel Private stable in North Brabant with horse sales
Hestarholt Icelandic Horses Company of Els van Weel
Breiđablik Icelandics farm in Noord-Brabant
De Meulenkamp Sales of eczema blankets and horse trailers
Stal frá Paradísarheimt Icelandic horse company in the Frisian lake district
frá Fitjar Maaike Burggrafer, trainer/instructor-A, FT-trainer en breeder
Midgard Icelandic Horse Riding Association in Central part of The Netherlands
Atorka Horse and outdoorshop
Stoeterij Kandia Breeding farm of Gert Mulder and Brigitte ter Schure in Lobith, with the stallion Eyfirđingur frá Akureyri and horses for sales
Stal frá Breuerson Private stable since 1992 with the stallion Boreas fra Breuerson and sales horses
Fengsstađir Breeder with eye for quality
yoniblom.nl The Website of Yoni Blom
Foxan Stables Icelandic horse farm van Sandra en Fokke between Flevoland and Friesland
Bakari's Icelandic Horses Icelandic horse stable east of Rotterdam with lessions and boarding
frá Libčrté Icelandic horse breeding Farm in Brabant
frá Skoti Stables Breeder with quality horses
frá ţrihnjukar Site about Anne's horses
Hökabygget Icelandic horses Small scale breeding farm of Chantal Jonkergouw in the southwest of Sweden
Frá Smáhúsum Small scale breeding farm from Johan Wempe and Annemarie Lub
Kempers & de Haan Sales mediators for Icelandic horses
Girtflaediland Hobby Farm in Northern Holland, with a second hand online horse shop
Farrier and certified equine denstist Bas Cornielje Specialised in Icelandic horses
Stal hjá Virkinu Icelandic horse company in Bourtange, East Groningen
Hestagaman Regional Icelandic Horse association Noord Holland
De Blekenbrink Breeding, stallion center and horse sales
IJ.R.N. IJsland Rijders Noord, the association of Icelandic Horse riders in North Holland
frá Lexkesveer Stables 'Little Iceland' in the Wageningse fields
Fríđarstađir Icelandic horses and dogs -small scale breeders
Sunnanvindur Site of the Icelandic Horse Club in the south of holland
Tyrson vom Saringhof This stallion and more vom Saringhof
Stoeterij Rekja Rekja Icelandics- a small scale breeding farm near Amsterdam
de Hondsbergen Stables Icelandic horse company of Marianne and Mark Timmerman
IJslandse paarden & fotografie Hobby site over IJslandse paarden & fotografie.
Dutch Blup Club The Dutch Blup Club was established 2009 by passionate breeders who want to invest in the quality of the icelandic horse.
Frá Ţćgilegum Hestum A small Breeding farm in the north
Rođastöđum Homepage of Jacco and Marcia and their horses
Zonneduin Stables Icelandic horse stable in Herpen with horses and dogs
Solskin Stables Breeding and selling of Icelandic Horses in Overijssel
frá Vinavirki Stables Stable in southwest Friesland with sales horses, lessons, breeding and training of young horses, and the honorary stallion Keilir fra Midsitju
Arnout Bakker Farrier and information about the stallion Fitja-Hrimnir fra Oddholi
frá Sjávarfalli Stables Stal frá Sjávarfalli is located in Culemborg, Gelderland
Hoogeweide.nl Breeding center de Hooge Weide, near the Rijn river
Goertz Saddlery specialised in Icelandic saddles
Sandhólar Icelandic horses in the head of Drenthe
Musarrindill Holiday-resort on the banks of the River Aa, where Icelandic horses are ridden
Frá Skallagrimur Hobby stable
van den Hertendeef Stables Stable of the family Dings at their farm in Belfeld
De Leye Stables Stable in Soutwest Friesland with courses, trail rides, shop, stallion and more.
Anne Hiemstra Anne Hiemstra - Icelandic Horse Trainer
Edda Stables Horseback riding on the isle of Vlieland
Het Koningshof Instruction - Training - Breeder of Icelandic Horses
Gyđjulind Icelandic Horses Website about Gyđjulind Stables
Fra Roan Icelandic horses 35 minutes from Amsterdam; lessons and tourriding. Sales, boarding and breeding.
VIT Website of VIT, the Association of trainers and instructors for the Icelandic horse
frá Foksandi Breeder, training, sales and rides in Holland and Portugal
Sunnermeer Icelandic horses in Broek in Waterland
Yngri Webshop for the icelandic horse and rider
Competition 'Zuid' Icelandic horse competition at De Breidablik
icelandic horse zappsite.nl Practical links-page
Landamaeri shop Online shop for riders
frá Forrettindi A dream come true
Start the right way with Icelandics Site with many links and tips
Stal de Blanke Waal Small scale icelandic horse stable in Zuid Holland
Traustur Training and instruction for Icelandic horses in the area of 't Gooi
Stoeterij frá Hófadyn Icelandic horse farm of Bianca and Cees Tak in Stompetoren
Strandlengja Icelandic horse association in the South of Holland
frá Blík Icelandics About the horses and their pedigrees
Maas en Peel Regional Icelandic horse association
't Schouwse 'Oekje Hobby farm of the Hanse family
Gaited horses Site dedicated to promoting gaited horses
Folda Farm near Barneveld with icelandic horse boarding, and projects for the special needy groups
Jolanda Scheepen Fotografie Horse photography with much icelandic horse presence
Rosworld For riding on Icelandics, quarterhorses with western riding etc. in the North of Holland
Buitengewoon IJslanders Many services around the icelandic horse on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug
Serious Riding - Isicentrum Upphofi Isicentrum Upphofi - The place to be for anyone who loves the icelandic horses
frá Ćgir Grazing for icelandic horses, carriage riding, icelandic dogs
Punktur About riding Icelandic horses and learning from them
Center for Icelandic horses in Zoetermeer Info, lessons (VIT instructor), sale of saddles and iceland horse articles and the address for children's parties on the farm
Divoza Shop in comfort at home and order from a very large international collection
Top Reiter Importer of all Top Reiter products, with webshop
IJslanderstal Frá Markarhofi Hobby breeder in Barneveld
Taktur frá Tjarnarlandi Top stallion from Iceland, a son of Orri frá Ţúfu
Het Broekhuys Farm in Limburg with courses, trail rides and grazing facilities
De Harles Hof Small scale icelandic horse farm in the hills of South Limburg
Skyjafar, farm and art shop Small hobby farm with many activities on the icelandic horse,, and horse portrait paintings on assignment
Stal Norđurbćr Small scale stable for training, sales horses and stallions
Hákon van Woldlake Site about the Icelandic horse Hákon
Boogolinks Icelandics Links page for Icelandics
Rijvereniging Dilaska Riding club on the boarder of Drenthe and Friesland
Perkoetoet Homepage about Icelandic horses, Shelties, Aussies and more
Freymodur - Icelandic Horses Freymóđur is IJslands voor 'godenmoed'. Onze IJslandse paarden hebben godenmoed. Ze zijn sterk, onvermoeibaar, keihard, stoer, snel, cool, IJslands vuur, en zeker ook lief.
Söngstađir IJslandse Paarden Small scale icelandic horse breeder
Nyttland Nyttland is de stalnaam van de IJslandse paarden fokkerij van Arjen Heerema, Peter Donderwinkel en Sjaak Smeeing
Equus Librium Horse and rider in balance
Manege "de IJslander" Nice riding tours in Walcheren
IJslanders.info Informative site about the icelandic horse
Stal Lakenstein Small scale hobby farm in the middle of the country
Marjon `s Icelandic Horses Icelandic Horses being clicker trained in the Netherlands.
Stal frá Loar Passion for horses.
Lyckle Kempers Eq.Dt. Gecertificeerd paardentandarts
Esmee and Rák Dream becomes reality
Icelandic horses farm fra Rósagrund, the Netherlands Training, instruction, horses for sale
Vacation on Terschelling Rides on the beach in private setting
Icelandics On-Line E-mail community and info site
Open Winter Indoor Welcome to the Open Winter Indoor!! On this site you will find all information about our competition.
Lyckle Fotografie Photography of horses, landscapes, dogs, weddings and more.
Heida-Faxi Breeding farm in Lieren, with the stallion Ari frá Árbakka
Elsa Marieke Bouman IJslandse Paarden Training Icelandic horses in Amstelveen
Fluga Carriage Builders Carriages made to measure
ClickTrain Clickertraining for horses
Iceland Specialist The travel agency for Iceland tours, individual or groups
Prydi IJslanderzadels Fitting saddles for your icelandic horse in tölt and pace
Jacobskruiskruid Find out about the Jacobskruiskruid problem
Ivanhoe horse equipment Specialis for eczema horses
Paddockparadijs Paddock set up for optimal welfare of the horse
Hestar Kraftur The Power of horses, Jolanda Hondius Eemnes
IJslanderkracht Small company with focus on riding lessons, mirroring horses, coaching and training
Bleikja and Aesa Site about two icelandic horses
Hoefnet Addresses, Bulletin Boards, Calendar, Hot news
Tekstotaal Christoph Bouthillier - ItchBase - Dogfile Pro
Stal frá Ţrastarsöng Lessons on Icelandic horses
Krafla Krafla
AB Ruiterbegeleiding private lessons, duo lessons, workshops and horse training
Horse- and - behaviour Advise on behavioural problems and horse training
paarden.rtlplaza.nl Part of RTLplaza.nl searchpage with Top Links
Atelier 't Boveneind Atelier that produces textiles with a.o. icelandic horses
Ludvikov horses & holiday Guest house, campsite, riding company. Rides on icelandics.
Fly Free Eczema blankets
IJslanders recht richten Information about academic riding, natural horsemanship for icelandic horses
Equismart Specialised in eczema blankets
IJslanderlogeerstal Smáhéra Temporary address for your icelandic horse in Germany, 45 minutes from Oldenzaal
M/V & horse Learn together, work together
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