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General & Other Links
IJslandse Wol Sale of icelandic wool
www.hippisch-wonen.nl The website for finding the dreamhouse for horse-lovers
Erlenhof Farm of Heidi Kammann
Mangalarga Marchador Site about the Brazilian gaited horse
Stal Wennekers Horse boarding near the Amsterdams forest
Nordic Store.net Buy many icelandic products over the internet
Feif International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations
NVVR Dutch society for recreational horse riders
Filipa blacksmith Natural balance hoofcare
Stichting Drents Rusthuis voor Paarden Horse retirement home in Drenthe
Startkabel. NL Equestrian pages with many links
Freelang Dictionary : Icelandic-English Free dictionary program to download
www.gestolenpaarden.nl We are a group of volunteers helping out with stolen horses and ponies
The Horse Newspaper (Dutch) Daily Horse News
Pony starts here Startpage with many links about ponies and breeds
Creekview Designs e-business in wooden horse statues
Natural horse shop Many products for a natural handling of horses
Riding with horse carriage Dedicated site on all aspects of riding with horse carriage
Stichting de Paardenkamp Retirement home for horses
Mensport.net Site for horse carriage riding with virtual museum
Department of Animal Science - Oklahoma University Breeds of livestock
Horse Commerce Commercial horse site with auctions and on line shop
Equihof Shop, webshop, clinics and more
Practical Training Manual (English) How to best learn and ride gaits, but also how to deal with problems, how to correct gaits and....... (from Langhus farm)
The Hairdresser for Horses Hair extentions for mane and tail
Myndir fra Islandi Pictures from Iceland made by Jim Miller
Equidental Horse dentist & Veterinarian
Landscapes of Iceland A collection of pictorial websites
EquiJoy Discover yourself with the help of your horse - EquiTherapy
Paardentrefpunt.nl your horse link to internet
Iceland on the web Very informative portal about Iceland for the traveller
www.paarden.pagina.be Links page for horses in general, Belgium
Iceland Express Daily flights to Iceland from Copenhagen and London Stansted
Virtually Virtual Iceland Make your own tracks through Iceland, its history and geography....
Subli Horse Fodder
Produktschap Vee, Vlees en Eieren (PVE) Very informative site about official horse business
Equireva Revalidation for horse and rider. Courses and holidays with your horse
Linda Tellington Jones A training approach for the body, mind and spirit of animals
Monty Roberts Famous horse trainer (whisperer) Monty Roberts
Aphythom Natural products for horses
Horse drug store Order feeding supplements or almost anything else online
FNRS Federatie van Nederlandse RuiterSportcentra
Hoeve 't Wed Take your icelandic horse with you on a farm holiday.
Stop the horse theft German site with actual lists and information on horse theft
Iceland Total.com Lots of tourist information
PAVO Horse feeding products
Havens Horse Feeding Products (Dutch) Feeding for horses, also for more sober breeds
BSIJP The Icelandic Horses Society of Belgium Official site
Stoeterij Daoli Icelandics in Antwerp and the Ardennes
IJslander.be Grazing projects 'fra Draumalani'
Stoeterij de Immenhof Many services around the icelandic horse
Safranstadir Small hobby breeder in Belgian Limburg
Horcon Everything for horse and rider under one roof
Breeding farm Gönguferð Twenty years of breeding history
Stoeterij Het Schaef Lessons and tours with icelandic horses
van 't Enclavehof farm van 't Enclavehof website
Welcome to Branstadir A word about Branstadir
Haletra stoeterijhaletra.be
La Source Bed & Breakfast with facilities for horses
Herver Hof Farm on the foot of the Ardennes hills
Het Paards Paradijs Many types of rides in beautiful nature area
Icelandic team Bornem The icelandic horse team of the Schelderuiters in Bornem
Stoeterij-Sólberg Breeding farm in the Ardennes
Schelderuiters Icelandic Riding Club
Ponchau's Ponyclub Riding lessons for children, also on Icelandic horses
CIHF - Canadian Icelandic Horse Federation Official page for Icelandics owners in Canada Official site
Fitjamyri Icelandic horses and all the necessary accessories
Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farm Icelandic horse farm with lodging, training and riding
Pineridge Icelandics Breeders of Icelandic horses, Icelandic sheep and Icelandic sheepdogs
Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm Try a most unusual vacation in the Mad River Valley of Central Vermont
Robyn Hood The Icelandic Horse Farm
Icelandic Horse World, Resort and Spa Fitjamyri's holiday resort offers many activities and trekking in Vernon BC
Bonaventure farm A small farm in Northern Ontario dedicated to enjoying Icelandic Horses
Arnason's Icelandic Horse Farm In Winnipeg, Manitoba
Clear Lake Farm Icelandic horse farm in Ontario which offers a complete professional service around the Icelandic Horse
Moondance Breeder in British Columbia
Dansk Islandshesteforening The Icelandic Horse Society of Denmark Official site
Gimli Islandsheste Icelandics farm of Kimbel Kwaak, now in Denmark
Langtved Isheste Farm near Ålborg with stallions, a.o. black roan
Stutteri Nøddegården Icelandic horse company since 1985
Stutteri Bakkeholm Breeder with many silver dapple horses
Stutteri Poppelhøj Farm south of Kolding
Lille Ensted Icelandics and shetlands
Ishingst Website with stallions and ads
Stutteri Hejelte Breeding farm near Helsingør
Stutteri Frisendal Farm near århus
Hafdal Breeder and seller in the North of Denmark
Anna Worm Horse trainer and tourriding
Joras Joras Icelandics page
Egely Horse care Swim therapy and training for icelandics
Møllegaard Islandsheste Tourriding, training, courses, sale horses
Jespersgaarde Top quality horses
Stutteri Katulabo Breeding farm since 1972
Stutteri Birkegaarden Farm in the North of Denmark with the prominsing stallion Álfasteinn fra Selfossi
Vinkærgård Breeder with stallions, horse rides and horse sales
Stutteri Tyvekrogen Breeding farm with the stallion Spói
Stutteri Bjarup Quality horses and elite stallions
Stutteri Bjarup Quality breeders
Stutteri Palmevænge Breeder with many services, riding and stallion
Stutteri Bækgård Breeder near Arhus
Stutteri Vestmose Breeder in enmark with around 50 horses
Arbakki Denmark Horse breeder with Kolkuos line
Stutteri Søborg Family business with a.s. the buckskin elite stallion Sleipnir fra Moselundgård
Skelgården Farm in the northern part of Denmark
Hoygards-hestar Training and sales center
Ordrupdal Riding stable near Copenhagen
Lærkegården Sales horses from own breeding
Stutteri Legind Various stallions and breeding
Tybrind-isheste Breeders and horse sales in Denmark and Iceland
Risnalund Small breeding farn in the north of Denmark
Geysir Heste Full services around the icelandic horse
Korgbaekgaard, Rideferie Courses and holidays with Icelandics
stutteri Toosholm Breeder in the north of Denmark
Kærgaarden Islænder Tourriding, training and sales horses
Helledige Islandsheste Breeder near Århus with the stallion Ténor fra Auðsholtshjàleigu
Stutteri Lyngbakken Small breeding stable
Tölthestar Sales horses, training, showing etc
Stutteri Ballebækgård/Stald Balle Training, sales and many services
Stutteri Tøndborg Breeder in between Århus and Herning
Stald Nordkap Tourriding, holidays, lots of other animals like special pigs
Stal Skovgaard Riding and breeding of Icelandics
Stutteri Tyrevoldsdal Breeding farm near Århus with a.o. the silver dapple stallion Hrímnir fra Feti
Meldgård Heste Riding and horse sales in Farsø
Engholm Family farm
Skrudur fra Litlalandi Stallion son of Randver
Garri fra Reykjavik Top stallion, son of Orri
Stutteri Arnakke Horse farm in Vipperød
Helledige Islandsheste Farm near Åhus
Stutteri Friis Farm in Helsinge
BlanshovedGård Breeder on the coast near Rǿdby
Stutteri Lundgaard With the stallion Asathor fra Feti
Stutteri Midtgaard Training, breeding, sales and summer boarding
Stutteri Gudenådalen Breeder in Sjaelland
Ledøjegård Farm with the stallion Askur fra Hofsstaðaseli
Stutteri Bakken Small breeding farm 50 km's from Copenhagen
Tjarnalundi Horse import from iceland and horse breeding
Stald Troldebo Small farm in Nordth west Sjælland
Stutteri Stensgaard Breeder near Kolding
Raunsbjerggaard Training and breeding
Keilir Islandshestecenter plus Bed & Breakfast
Stutteri Ny Nørregård Breeding farm with stallion services
Belkanto Breeding and sales
Regulator Regulator contains 63 minerals
Karin Hassing Horse training and sales
Stutteri Krosnes Breeder in Nordjylland
Skovbogaard Stutteri og Hingstestation Full service company around the icelandic horse
Stutteri Dyrlundgård Small breeding farm in Helsinge
Stutteri Lind Breeding farm with the buckskin stallion Ljósfari frá Vorsæbe
Kolviður frá Skeiðháholti Elite stallion after Andvari frá Ey
Rasmus Scheffel Horse trainer
Stutteri Valbjørns Breeder near Silkeborg
Stutteri Guldbæk Quality breeder near Aalborg
Skovbogård Islandhestecenter Horse boarding, sales and shoeing
Stald Kyhl Horse trainer
Nordhus Training and sales
Heste Info Horse Info
Gerpla-IslandskeHeste Sales and training of competition horses
Stutteri Kastanjely Active with Icelandics since 1986
Sölvholm Islandsheste Small breeding and training farm
Torupgård With the stallion Smyrill fra Kílhrauni
Jordala Nedergård Farm breeding and raising horses
Freisting Gård Family farm
Basichorse.dk Back to basic horse training
Ytz Import and domestic horse sales
Stutteri Bragabo Importer and breeder
Stutteri Valhalla Riding tours and horse sales
Mira Andersson Horse trainer
Stella Regional Icelandic Horse riding society
Stutteri Allpass Small scale horse farm in Helsingør
Hegedalgaard Therapeutic riding, sales horses and more
Gångartshästar Gaited horses, with icelandics and pasos
Skyttegården & þóreyjarnúpshestars Site of Halldór Gudnason with farms in Denmark and Iceland
Stutteri Ulvkjær Medium scale farm with Danish bred icelandics
Stevnsfarm Hobby farm
Meldgaard Heste Tourriding and holiday activities
IPZV The Icelandic Horse Society of Germany Official site
gaedingar-group Marketing group of 3 big breeders Lindenhof, Aegidienberg and Wiesenhof
Taktklar The online horse magazine, horse sales, stallions, etc.
Gestüt Der Wiesenhof Icelandic horse farm - The Wiesenhof
Islandpferdehof Töltmyllan Breeder near Köln
Kronshof The Schenzel Family has lived on the farm for over 20 years with their horses and offer many horse-services
Lipperthof Riding school and shop
Islandpferdegestüt Mönchhof One of the well known breeders in Germany Gabi and Jens Füchtenschnieder
Reitschule Berger Beautiful holiday and icelandic horse farm in Hochsauerland
Gestüt Störtal German breed horses since 30 years
Gestüt Brock Breeder in the Münster countryside
Aegidienberg Walter and Marlies Feldmann
Steffi Kleis Qualified horse trainer in Vörstetten
Islandpferdehof-Kranichtal High quality breeding farm with many services
Fjallaborg Icelandic horse farm in Schwarzwald
Islandpferde-Gestüt Roetgen Breeder since more than 40 years
Islandpferdegestüt Pfaffenbuck Your partner for everything around the icelandic horse
Gestüt Ellenbach Breeding, sales, courses and trainings
Stymir Arnason Sales and training stable of the famous rider
Isi-shop.de on-line shop and more...
Gestüt Schloßberg and Hof Kvistir Breeder since 30 years in Germany and Iceland
Gestüt Forstwald Breeding and training farm from Karly Zingsheim
HGG-Reitsport Shop of Hans Georg Gundlach
Inga Trottenberg Trainer and competition rider
Islandpferdegestüt Jóreykur Farm of Nicole Kempf and stallion Kongur
Sonnenreiter On line shop for horse riders
Fákur Welcome to Fákur, Icelandic Horses on the web!
Iceline Online shop
Gestuet Felsenhof Farm of Astrid Paulus
Stormhestar Horse database with free access
Islandpferden aus dem Deister Sales horses from Iceland and own breeding
Gabriela Mergard Reitsportbedarf Tack shop for Icelandics
Islandpferdehof Auensee Riding school, horse sales and more in South Germany
Islandpferdehof Flinke Hufe Private farm in Vorpommern
Islandpferde-Gestüt Oedhof Beautiful farm where Icelandic horses are bred, trained, and where........
Gestüt Grundl - Gatterberg Icelandic horse farm
Islandpferdegestüt Kollmeyer-Sonnenhof Sonnenhof, a 250 year old Niedersachsan farmhouse with modern facilities for Icelandic horses
Pferdehof Menzinger Icelandic horses east of Munich
Tara Isländerhof Breeding and sales
Bockholts-Hof Breeder, holidays and more near Bremen
Der Islandpferdehof Habichtswald Breeder located in a nature reserve
www.Islandpferde-home.de Homepage about the sport with the Icelandic horse
Wendalinushof Breeding farm of Karl-Heinz and Tina Schneider
Basselthof Farm and guesthouse close to Hannover
Hilmarsson & Bargh Horse equipment
Gestüt Hemsberg Icelandics and Fjords, winery and other farm animals
Top-Rider Welcome to our homepage
Schweinbachhof One of the larger icelandic horse farms in Southern Germany
Islandpferdegestüt Norderheide Breeder near Lüneburger Heide
Gestüt Neddernhof Breeding farm south of Hamburg
Veybach Hof Riding tours, sales horses, horse boarding in the Eifel
Gestüt Aegidienberg Breeder of aegidienberger horses
Der Hirtenhof Allround farm for the Icelandic horse
Anna und Friffi Horse team that moved from Iceland to Germany in 1995
Hülbehof Farm and Training center from certified trainer Veronika Vollmer
Islandpferde-Hof Seppensen Everything evolves around the icelandic horse.....
Islandpferdehof Bärenfilz Icelandic Horse center in Bayern in nature reserve
Schloßgestüt Neubronn Icelandic Horses and Icelandic Dogs
Isi-Aktuell Varied site with up to date ads and information
Gestüt Steenhaar Farm near Münster
Der Islandpferdehof Söhrewald Farm for housing, sales and holidays etc. active since 1995
Icelandic Horses from Petersberg Horses for sale in Germany, horse equipment, fences
Islandpferdehof Faxaból Farm in Neuholland near Berlin
Gestuet Nahetal Icelandics to fall in love with......
Islandpferde-Service Daniel C. Schulz - Gestüt Heesberg
ChampionRider Complete store with tack and horse products
Berliner Islandpferde Freunde e.V. The homepage of the Berliner Islandpferde Freunde
Islandpferdehof `Am Steinbuckel ` Icelandic Horse farm located in the `Odenwald `
Islandpferdegestüt Sommerberg Breeding farm in the south of Germany with many stallions
Islandpferdehof Frank Kasperczyk Horse farm with a herd of 100, and many facilities
Hof Ruwerbach Farm in the South with many possibilities for riding, courses, holidays and horse sales
Zillke Icelandics Icelandic farm and tack shop
Gestüt Guggenberg. Icelandic and merican saddle bred horses Gaited horses
Rappenhof Breuna Center for therapeutic & ostheopatic treatment of horses
Islandpferdezentrum Sagabær Icelandic horse center near Saarbrücken
Master Reithosen (riding trousers) Jodhpur and other riding pants
Suzan Beuk Harmony for Rider and Horse
Gestüt Schönauer Hof Boarding, holidays, breeding, horse training etc.
Islandpferdegestüt Lichtenberg Farm in Bottwartal
Sörlaskjól Riding school, breeding, sales
Reit-Zentrum Reken Large riding center in Germany
Burgwald zu Pferd Homepage of the company of Arno Muth
Islandpferde Hamingja Services around the icelandic horse
Islandpferdegestüt Bienwald Farm in Rheinland-Pfalz and partner of FET in Iceland
Islandpferde vom Trollstieg Horse riding and sales near Kiel
Vindhólar Riding center for the Hamburg area
Islandpferdegestüt Brickelnfeld Breeder in Schleswig-Holstein
Frank Klattes Homepage
Islandpferdegestüt Kollmeyer-Sonnenhof Official learning facility for horse breeding and raising
Islandpferde von Urd Small scale breeder
Islandpferdehof Ostetal Icelandic horse farm in Bremervörde
Islandpferde Ramsau Breeding, training, shop, horse boarding etc.
IslandPferdeGestüt Holler Farm of the family Zoglmann
Islandpferdegestüt Wildenburger Hofstadt Riding farm at the border of Nature park North Eifel
Schloss Nienover Gaited horse breeding center in castle
Neddernhof Breeding farm south of Hamburg
Haselhof Icelandic horses and riding school
Islandpferdegestüt Quillerhof Farm not far from the Dutch border near Enschede
Islandpferdegestüt Scherzingerhof Farm for riding holdiays, horse boarding and much more
Islandpferdegestüt Neumühle Farm of the Sachs Family
Steinberg Hof With the stallion Leiknir vom Steinberg Hof
Islandpferdegestüt Heidehof Icelandic horse center in Schleswig - Holstein
Hofgut Retzenhöhe Large breeder and hotel near Trier
Saga Riding school Riding school and farm with horse sales, training and more
isi-pixx Order professional pictures from various photographers on line
Rodenbruch Small breeder in Millen
Gestüt Bartenstein Hobby breeder with around 35 horses
Gammur vom Rappenhof A special stallion introduces himself.....
Islandpferdegestüt Bergisches Land Breeder in Morsbach
Kjölavík Icelandic horse center on the East Sea
IPVZ Lippe On line magazine of the regional horse association in Lippe
Islandpferdehof Dilligsmühle Farm in the Hunsrück area, with holiday riding and more
Islandpferde Gestuet Igelsburg Breeder and horse acupuncturist, sheep wool and more
Der Simmeshof Breeder and boarding in the South of Germany
Engelsbachhof Breeding farm in Schwarzwald
Islandgestüt vom Lohfeld Breeders of Icelandic horses and a few dog breeds
Islandpferden aus dem Deister Horse sales, training and courses
Gestüt Schloßberg Breeder and horse center in Bad Laasphe
Islandpferdehof Steinforth Horse farm in Hombachtal, an idyllic location
Gestüt Glasmoor Breeder north of Hamburg
Mein Islandpferd News, horse market and more
Ishof Lilienthal Horse sales and riding school close to Bremen
Farsterhof Icelandic horse company near Hannover
Der Barghof Breeding and sales of tölt horses
Bautzenhof In the past 12 years, the farm of the Kinksy family has become a well known meeting place for Icelandic horse friends....
Islandpferdegestüt Schanzenhof Farm established in mid 1980's
Gustur fra Grund Site of the famous stallion
Schleuener Hof Family business
Islandpferdezucht Neuforst Family Hilzensauer, active breeders for 40 years
Islandpferdehof Geierkogel Horse center near Graz
Pferde von Weißguth Breeder with silver dapple pinto stallion Bakkus
Hesturinn-Minn Online Shop of icelandic horse articles
Gestüt Arula Farm in the north Eiffel region
Hof der Pferde Horse farm where the horse comes first
Hof Grönholm Farm near Flensburg
Schurrenhof Campsite and icelandic horse farm
Hrafnkelsstaðir Riding tours in Iceland
Islandpferdegestüt Eichenhof Private farm in Schleswig Holstein
Der Mühlenhof Farm in the nature area of Bergstraße
Islandpferdehof Eichengrund Farm with various services
Áladis Small farm in the heart of Schleswig Holstein
Islandpferdegestüt Freyelhof Professional breeder in Schwarzwald
Islandpferde vom Wellesberg small scale breeder
Midgard Icelandic Horse Farm Breeding, holidays, trekking, horse pension, studs.....
Islandpferdehof und Gestüt Vierthohen Near Hamburg, located in a wonderful green area, one can find Vierthohen
Eckhoff Icelandic horse stable and training center
Islandpferdehof Gut Balkhausen Farm near Nürburgring in idyllic location
Islandpferdehof zur Sommerweide Idyllic farm in Haßloch/Pfalz
ipzv oberpfalz-nord Regional Association
Ferienwohnung "Isi-Urlaub-Eiderstedt" Small farm on the North Sea
Djáknar frá Hvammi Stallion site
Leitnerhof Breeding farm near Moseltal
Icehorse Germany Import from the farm Lágafell
Islandpferdehof Buschhorn Private icelandic horse stable
Isis vom Schwarzen Weg Farm with horse boarding
Ruppiner Hof Training center for horses and riders, north of Berlin
Ökoland Rose Ecological farm with icelandic horse breeding
Gestut Römerstrasse Breeder in the Eifel area
Islandpferde vom Rauhberg Breeding farm in the Pfälzer Wald
Gaedingur.com Horse sales by Sabine Sebald
Islandpferde vom Drammetal Site from Christiane Rochlitz, with lots of beautiful horse pictures
Border-Isi-Home Holiday farm with Icelandic horses and Border collies
Akazienhof Farm in beautiful nature area in Hochtaunus
Islandpferdegestüt Rittershof Farm in Saarland
Islandpferdegestüt Rotwegen Small icelandic horsefarm near Hamburg
Skinfaxa Pferdefotografie Site with lots of photographs from competitions and horses in general
Stallion's World Site of trainer and breeder Marc Daniels
hestamyndir.de Photography site of Nina Peters
Hesta Borg Horse boarding and services in Rosbach
Hrynjandi vom Engelsbachhof Homepage of the stallion Hryjandi
Reiterhof & Islandpferdegestüt Groß Briesen Riding in nature and without fear or drill
Islandpferde Gestüt Burg Kakesbeck Breeder in Münsterland
Islandpferde Eggenhof A home for men and horse
Schwalbenhof Breeder and riding school
Ulme, gaited horses Icelandic horse and riding therapy center
Equisan Products for treating sweet itch
Laerchenhof Islandpferde Farm and holiday center near the Ostsee
Reithose.de Online shop for jodhpur riding trousers
Thomas Aeffner Painter with portraits, a.o. of icelandic horses
Islandpferdegestüt Widderhuus Private breeder between Bremen and Hannover
Hof Grönholm Mid sized farm with icelandic horse services and sales near Flensburg
Isi-Aktuell News around the Icelandic horse
Vikingur.de-Islandpferdefotos Various professional horse pictures
Ivanhoe horse equipment Specialist for horses suffering from eczema
SIHY The Icelandic Horse Society of Finland Official site
Ålyst Turridning Tourriding and horse sales
Cold Spirit Riding Tours Back to nature in Finnish Lapland with Icelandic horse safaris and more.....
Loma Hietala Farmholidays with many animals, including icelandic horses
Viljar Icelandic horse specialists in Huittinen
Iina Iina Icelandic horse homepage
La borde Guest-farm in the Limousin, with Icelandic horses, mail jean-luc.vergne2@wanadoo.fr
Le Haras de Lauziere Icelandic horse farm in the Southern Alps
Equicoaching Coachingworkshop with horses and mini campsite with Icelandic horses
Les Islandais du Schlossmatt Breeder in Alsace
élevage de cheveaux Islandais - Forget Icelandic horse company in Normandy
Les Bruyeres Small scale horse farm in the Bourgogne
Élevage de La Bretonnière Icelandic Horse farm in the heart of la Bresse
Les Islandais des Vignes Breeder near border of south Germany, with stallion Glampi fra Langarfossi
Centre Equestre Fakur Riding center in the Vosges du Nord
Les Islandomaniaques Icelandic Horse site of Lise Duquène (en français)
Altenbacherhof Passion for gaited horses
Great Britain, Schotland, Wales
The IHSGB The Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain Official site
Edda Hestar Courses and holidays nein Wales
icelandichorse.co.uk Welcome to a website about our Icelandic Horses
Pentland Hills Icelandics Welcome to Britain `s largest herd of Icelandic Horses
Oakfield Icelandic Horses The Homepage of Nick Foot
Bridford Icelandics Family addicted to Icelandics
Solva Icelandic Horses Breeder based at Tresais Farm near the village of Solva
Stonehaven Icelandics One of the oldest Icelandic horse studs in the United Kingdom
Anglesey Icelandics Farm in North Wales, started in 1994
www.ouricelandichorse.com Site about the horse Birta, about the icelandic breed, gaits, horse care, eczema etc.
Scottish Icelandic Horse Association Website for Scottish Icelandic Horse Owners
Ivanhoe horse equipment Specialist for horses suffering from eczema
VindstadiR Large Breeding farm for mainly Icelandic horses
LH-Iceland Landssamband Hestamanna Official site
Hof, Vatnsdal Jón & Eline. Breeding- and trading stable
Langhus farm Langhus is a training-station where horses are bred, trained and traded
Eiðfaxi Icelandic International Horse Magazine
Þúfa (Bibbi & Bjossi) The Breeding and training farm Þúfa is situated in Kjós
Skeiðvellir (formerly Holtsmuli) Holtsmúlahestur - Horses from Holtsmúla, training and selling
Sauðárkróks Hestar Welcome to the homepage of Sauðárkrókur Horses
Hestarogmenn Riding & Tack shop in Iceland
Gunnar Arnarson Icelandic Horse Export
Sandra Marin & Ragnar Stefánsson Horse training and sales
Hestar fra Nesi Breeder in Skagafjördur
Hestheimar Horse farm near Hella
Miðengi Breeder of icelandic dogs and horses
Diddi Icelandic Horses Breeding, brokering and export assistance
Hestasport Iceland on Horseback
Þorkelshóli Breeding farm of Kristin Lundberg and Július Guðni
Skáney Skáney is a farm in Reykholtsdalur in Borgarfjörður, West Iceland
Ganghestar Multi service farm for horses in Faxabol, Reykjavik
Töltheimar Large Shop for Icelandic horse gear in Reykjavik
Dalur at Dalland, Iceland Highly reputed breeding farm near Reijkjavik
Röðull Farm In the North of Iceland near Blönduós you can find Röðull Farm......
Vatnsleysa Breeder of some famous horses like Glampi fra Vatnleysu
Kjartansstaðir Kjartansstaðir Breeding Farm
Hvammur II Breeder in Vatnsdalur, in the North of Iceland
Smárahestar Horses vor sale
Alfhólar Breeder in Hvolsvöllur
Horsemanship Centre at Gauksmýri offers a variety of services to equestrians
Fet Famous horse breeder in the South of Iceland
Ice Events Horse tours, jeep tours etc.
Foli.is Horse breeders
Gangmyllan Olil Amble and Bergur Jónsson, full service farm
Sveinsstadir Farm of Magnus Olafsson and family
Blesastaðir Breeder in Selfoss
Kolkuos The famous breeding farm in North Iceland
Miðengi Horses, dogs and sheep
Hest.is Site of Elka with a stable in Ölfusi
Horsefinder.is Big salesdatabase which is directly connected to World Fengur
Holar Agricultural Collge
Úrvalshestar Breeder in Hella
Ástund Welcome to our online catalogue
Hestavörur Mr Hestar, riding gear and tack
Hala Hestar Breeding farm from Svabbi and Tina
Hestakaup! Hestakaup is an Icelandic tradition of trading horses without money
Hestar 847 Site in Icelandic language, a.o. horse for sale
Hvoll Icelandic horses - Training and Sales
Orri The Horsebreeding Association of Eyjafjörður and Þingeyjarsýslur
Hekluhestar Riding tours in the highlands of Iceland
The Horsebank A joint homepage of horse breeders, trainers and horse owners in Skagafjordur.
Súluholt Breeder in Selfoss
Röðull Breeder Haukur Pálsson in Rödull near Blönduos, lots of coloured horses
Þóroddsstaðir Breeding Farm
Geitaskarð Breeder in the north and farm holidays
Laxnes Horse Farm Horse rental end sales
Herrídarhóll Farm with sale horses and vacations
Hestaleiga Horse rental and sales
Hestaborg Training and horse sales
Landssamband Hestamannafélaga Find all on laws and regulations, forms for tournaments, complete list of tournaments held in Iceland
Úlfljótsvatn Breeding farm of Snaebjorn Bjornsson and Margret Sigurdardottir
Úrvalshestar Icelandic Horses Breeder in Hella
Brim-Hestar Riding holidays in Snæfellsnes
Steinsholt Horse Farm with lodging and trekking
Nonni Travel Horseback riding in Iceland
Sólvangur Horse farm near Reijkjavik in Eyrarbakki
Austurkot Breeder and horse sales 50 km from Reykjavik
Litla-Tunga II Breeding farm near Hella
Fornhagi Horse sales in Akureyri
Galsi frá Sauðárkróki Son of Ofeigur 882
Pétur Jökull Hákonarson and family Horses for sale - Export
Egilsstaðir1 Farm in Árnasysla not far from Reykjavik
Lýtingsstaðir Icelandic Horse Farm in Skagafjörður for breeding, training and horse sales and riding holidays
Hestaíþróttasamband Íslands The Icelandic Equestrian Sport Society of Iceland
Steinnes Breeder in the east, Húnavatnssýslu
Herrídarhólli Riding and sale horses in the South of Iceland
Bakkakot Breeding farm in the South
Eiriksstadir Young breeding farm in Egilsstadir
Grafarkot Farm in Hvammstangi
Torfunes Horsebreeding farm in the North of Iceland
Hestamaðurinn Saddles and Accessories
Hamarsey Quality breeder in the South
Hruni frá Breiðumörk Blue dun pinto stallion
Laufbrekka Breeder with many vindott horses
Litli-Garður Welcome to oure HomePage
Nordurland Site about the North of Iceland
Vesturkot Farm 25 kms from Selfoss
Syðra- Langholt One of the biggest horseriding centre in Southern Iceland
Gaedingur.com Site for horse sales
Hestafrettir News site about the icelandic horse
Hestaþing Horse sales, export and riding tours in Iceland
Eldhestar Horse-riding in Iceland
Syðri Brennihóll Icelandic Horse Farm
Ármót Splendid equestrian center in the south
Gerðar Breeder near Hvolsöllur in the South of Iceland
Akureyri Official homepage of Akureyri
Leirubakki Historical farm, from the times of the first settllement of Iceland, in the 9th Century
Halahestar Horse breeding and training in Keldulandi
Syðra-Kolugil Breeder near Hvammstangi
Sporthestar ehf. Training and sales stable near Borgarnes
Laekjamot Breeding and sales near Blonduós
Nordic Store Icelandic products delivered to your home
Egilsstaðir 1 Enjoy the experience of a vacation on the horse farm
Icelandic horse history center International center of knowledge and information about the Icelandic horse
Akurgerði Breeding, training and sales in Selfoss
Keldudalur Breeder and guest accommodation in the North
Sandhólaferja Breeding farm in the south of Iceland
Kaldbakur Horses for sale
Trainers Association Aims for correct and good training and management of the Icelandic Horse
Horse.is Portal for breeders in the North of Iceland
Trausti Þór Breeding farm and trekking in Kirkjuferjuhjáleiga
Hásæti Farm in Ölfuss
Hesta Borg Trainer and horse seller in the south of Iceland
Skeggsstaðir Breeding farm in Skagafjörður
Skriða - Hörgárbyggð Breeder and sales in Akureyri
HestaNet - Efri-Mýrar Breeding, training and sales near Blönduos
Skeiðvellir Re-start of the former Holtsmula breeding under a new name
Ásgarður Breeder close to Kevlavik
Markus fra Langholtsparti Website of the stallion Markus, son of Orri
Eyland Breeding center near Hvolsvöllur
Benny `s harmony The basis of good teamwork: saddles
Hásæti Horse sales, breeding and competition rider
Gullhestar Horses for sale
Grafarkot Horsefarm in Hvammstangi
Hrafntóftir Farm in Borgarnes with horses and dogs for sale
Eyjafjöður Tourist Information Northern Iceland
Litla-Tunga II Horse breeder in the South
Vestra-Geldingaholt The Icelandic Horse breeding farm Vestra-Geldingaholt
Ármót Top breeding farm near Hvolsvollur in the south
Húsavíkur Hestar Breeder in the north of Iceland
Litla-Brekka Breeder near Akureyri
Vakurstaðir Breeder with sales horses, in Hella
Arabær Horse training and sales near Selfoss
Hiddentrails Iceland Riding Tours
Strandarhöfuð Breeding farm in Hvolsvöllur in the south
Icehorses Sales stable in Reykjavik
Hólavatn Horse breeder Hvolsvelli
Höfðabakki Breeder in Hvammstangi
World Fengur The Icelandic Studbook - subscription needed
Garður Farm with riding tours in the North near Husavik
Guðbjörn Ingvarsson. Breeding farm in Iceland
Eiríksstaðir im Jökuldalur Breeder near Egilsstadir
Randburg Icelandic shopping center where you can find a variety of icelandic products
Olafsvellir Breeder near Selfoss
Árbæ Breeder near Hella
Ás Horse tours and sale horses in the South
Breiðstaðir Breeder in Saudarkroki
Kastalabrekka Horse sales near Hella
Hestar og aftur Hestar World of Horses, in Husavik
Topphestar Farm in Akureyri
Söðulsholt Breeder in Borgarnes
Söðulsholt Breeder in Borgarnes
Töfri frá Selfossi Töfri frá Selfossi - IS 1996187670
Köldukinn Breeder near Hella
Gaedingur.com Website for horse sales
Malbikshestar Breeders who live in Reykjavik
Húsavíkur Hestar Breeding and horse sales in the North
Hemla Hestar Training and breeding of qulaity horses near Hvolsvöllur
Sóldalhestar Riding tours, horse sales near Akureyri
Icehorse.is Icelandic horse adventure in the North
Pólar Horses Riding Tours
Hestanet.is Sale of competition horses in Hvanneyri
Hnakkvirki Saddle maker in Akureyri since 1984
Hestaval Competition riders and breeders in Hafnarfjörður
Hrossaræktarbúið Eyri Breeding and sales farm near Borgarnes wth FT master trainer Benni Líndal
Lýsuhóll Located on the South Coast of the Snæfellsnes peninsula
Finafl Horse sales and breeding center
Vopnhestar Horses in Vopnafjordur in the northeast
Hamraholl Breeding farm in Hella
Tjarnakot Breeder in Hvammstangi
Kyrholt Horse sales, breeding, training in Skagafjörður
Geitaskarð Breeding farm near Blonduos
Sólvangur Horse center near Selfoss
Landsmot 2008 Hella Horse festival and competition in the South
Vindhestar Tours, lessons, breeding and more
Árbær Breeding farm with o.a. the stallion Keilir frá Miðsitju
Travelnet.is Iceland Travel Information
Tunguhálsi II Breeder in Varmahlíð
Krútt Hestar Farm near Njálsstaðir Blönduós
Handprjónasamband Íslands Handknitting Association of Icland, buy Icelandic sweaters
Icelandics On Ice.com The only horse show on ice in the world
Welcome to Brekkulækur Arinbjörn Jóhannsson Adventuretours
Hestasport Iceland on horseback
Steinsholt A horse riding holiday
Hotspringpuli hot spring, horses and dogs
Horses North LLC Horse Treks Not Found Anywhere Else On Earth
Flagbjarnarholt Breerder in the south
Ásólfsstaðir We offer trips in and around the colorful valley of Þjórsárdalur.
Íshestar Icelandic Riding Tours
Hamrahóll Breeder and horse sales
Iceland Review Daily News from Iceland
Reiðhestar Welcome to the East Iceland Horse Breeding Association
Efri-Rot Breeder near Eyjafjöllum
Bed & Ride Addresses for a riding and B&B in Iceland
This is Iceland Site offering many tourist activities in Iceland
Reykjakot Horse Rentals Guided tours on Icelandic horseback from the village of Hveragerði
Faxahestar Swimming therapy for icelandics
Vorsabaer Horses Hotel Full service stay for your horse
Travel around Iceland Site showing all campsites
Hestar og aftur Hestar Sales horses in Husavik
Arnar Þór Óskarsson Iceland on the Web
The Icelandic Horse Heritage Centre International centre for knowledge and education on all aspects of the history of the Icelandic horse
South Iceland Resource Center Information about South Iceland
Hallandi II Hobby breeder near Selfoss
Hestamannafélagið Sleipnir News from Iceland (in Icelandic)
Sturlu-Reykir Holiday horse trekking tours
Horse Ranges in Iceland A method to assess range condition.
Skeiðvellir The new farm of the Holtsmuli breeders
Morgunblaðið The Morning paper of Iceland
www.ismyndir.com Picture site with pics for sale
ismyndir Photo site about Iceland and its horses
Iceland Discovery Adventure Travel
Geysir The Iceland Informationservice
Icelandair Welcome on board - Air Fares and Schedule
Farmers Association of Iceland Information on agriculture and farming in Iceland
Destination Iceland Beautiful pictures, information, tips and links
Northwest.is Discover the Northwest of Iceland
Iceland Tourist Baord Official website
Centro Ippico Felix Baron Longo Riding center for Icelandic horses
Islandpferde Wiedenhof Icelandic horse riding center and holiday resort in Italy
Hotel Restaurant Wiedenhofer Icelandic horse farm and hotel in the South of Tirol (Italy)
The Netherlands
NSIJP The Icelandic Horse Society of The Netherlands Official site
Nornabæli Site with news and interesting facts about the icelandic horse
de Broekstreek Stables Site of Manuela and Nanco Lekkerkerker, Icelandic horses in Drenthe
GVR Gaedingur Obedience, trust, respect; the right start
Stoeterij frá Fjórum
Foto Xander Site with pictures of icelandic horse competitions
frá Wyler Site of Icelandic horse breeder with the stallions Eldjárn vom Mandelbachtal en Ás frá Kópavogi
Landamæri Training and sales of Icelandic horses, with stallion Gandur vom Erlengrund
Stal frá Gaedingi Icelandic Horse company in the center of Holland
Photo album Henk Peterse WC pics, stallion pics and more
Showteam Glóðafeykir Glóðafeykir, The Showteame of the Icelandic Horses
Horses On Ice The icelandic horse ice competition in The Netherlands
Stoeterij van 't Ilperveld 5 minutes from Amsterdam. Breeding, sales, courses, training, stallions and sales of Astund saddles
Vefgrund Company of Marieke Weber for training of horse and rider, and more
frá Skjalaritara Breeder of Icelandic horses in the North of Holland
Hesta Gard "Hekla" Varied icelandic horse company based near the German Reichswald with stallions and online shop
Strandhólar Sigurður Marinusson (Siggi Mar) FT-trainer
Álfsengi Icelandic horse and training center in Loenen
www.fraKra.nl The hompage van Juliet ten Bokum met de hengsten Glotti fra Kra en Gabriel fra Kra
Noorderzon Company of Annefloor en Saar ;Training, sales and instruction
Stal Stónas An icelandic horse training/teaching company with horses in all sizes, kinds, colours and gaits
www.spee-horses.com Icelandic horse company of Erik and Bianca Spee
IJslandstal De Kronkel Private stable in North Brabant with horse sales
Hestarholt Icelandic Horses Company of Els van Weel
Breiðablik Icelandics farm in Noord-Brabant
De Meulenkamp Sales of eczema blankets and horse trailers
Stal frá Paradísarheimt Icelandic horse company in the Frisian lake district
frá Fitjar Maaike Burggrafer, trainer/instructor-A, FT-trainer en breeder
Midgard Icelandic Horse Riding Association in Central part of The Netherlands
Atorka Horse and outdoorshop
Stoeterij Kandia Breeding farm of Gert Mulder and Brigitte ter Schure in Lobith, with the stallion Eyfirðingur frá Akureyri and horses for sales
Stal frá Breuerson Private stable since 1992 with the stallion Boreas fra Breuerson and sales horses
Fengsstaðir Breeder with eye for quality
yoniblom.nl The Website of Yoni Blom
Foxan Stables Icelandic horse farm van Sandra en Fokke between Flevoland and Friesland
Bakari's Icelandic Horses Icelandic horse stable east of Rotterdam with lessions and boarding
frá Libèrté Icelandic horse breeding Farm in Brabant
frá Skoti Stables Breeder with quality horses
frá þrihnjukar Site about Anne's horses
Hökabygget Icelandic horses Small scale breeding farm of Chantal Jonkergouw in the southwest of Sweden
Frá Smáhúsum Small scale breeding farm from Johan Wempe and Annemarie Lub
Kempers & de Haan Sales mediators for Icelandic horses
Girtflaediland Hobby Farm in Northern Holland, with a second hand online horse shop
Farrier and certified equine denstist Bas Cornielje Specialised in Icelandic horses
Stal hjá Virkinu Icelandic horse company in Bourtange, East Groningen
Hestagaman Regional Icelandic Horse association Noord Holland
De Blekenbrink Breeding, stallion center and horse sales
IJ.R.N. IJsland Rijders Noord, the association of Icelandic Horse riders in North Holland
frá Lexkesveer Stables 'Little Iceland' in the Wageningse fields
Fríðarstaðir Icelandic horses and dogs -small scale breeders
Sunnanvindur Site of the Icelandic Horse Club in the south of holland
Tyrson vom Saringhof This stallion and more vom Saringhof
Stoeterij Rekja Rekja Icelandics- a small scale breeding farm near Amsterdam
de Hondsbergen Stables Icelandic horse company of Marianne and Mark Timmerman
IJslandse paarden & fotografie Hobby site over IJslandse paarden & fotografie.
Frá Þægilegum Hestum A small Breeding farm in the north
Dutch Blup Club The Dutch Blup Club was established 2009 by passionate breeders who want to invest in the quality of the icelandic horse.
Roðastöðum Homepage of Jacco and Marcia and their horses
Zonneduin Stables Icelandic horse stable in Herpen with horses and dogs
Solskin Stables Breeding and selling of Icelandic Horses in Overijssel
frá Vinavirki Stables Stable in southwest Friesland with sales horses, lessons, breeding and training of young horses, and the honorary stallion Keilir fra Midsitju
Arnout Bakker Farrier and information about the stallion Fitja-Hrimnir fra Oddholi
frá Sjávarfalli Stables Stal frá Sjávarfalli is located in Culemborg, Gelderland
Hoogeweide.nl Breeding center de Hooge Weide, near the Rijn river
Goertz Saddlery specialised in Icelandic saddles
Sandhólar Icelandic horses in the head of Drenthe
Musarrindill Holiday-resort on the banks of the River Aa, where Icelandic horses are ridden
Frá Skallagrimur Hobby stable
van den Hertendeef Stables Stable of the family Dings at their farm in Belfeld
De Leye Stables Stable in Soutwest Friesland with courses, trail rides, shop, stallion and more.
Anne Hiemstra Anne Hiemstra - Icelandic Horse Trainer
Edda Stables Horseback riding on the isle of Vlieland
Het Koningshof Instruction - Training - Breeder of Icelandic Horses
Gyðjulind Icelandic Horses Website about Gyðjulind Stables
Fra Roan Icelandic horses 35 minutes from Amsterdam; lessons and tourriding. Sales, boarding and breeding.
VIT Website of VIT, the Association of trainers and instructors for the Icelandic horse
frá Foksandi Breeder, training, sales and rides in Holland and Portugal
Sunnermeer Icelandic horses in Broek in Waterland
Yngri Webshop for the icelandic horse and rider
Competition 'Zuid' Icelandic horse competition at De Breidablik
icelandic horse zappsite.nl Practical links-page
Landamaeri shop Online shop for riders
frá Forrettindi A dream come true
Start the right way with Icelandics Site with many links and tips
Stal de Blanke Waal Small scale icelandic horse stable in Zuid Holland
Traustur Training and instruction for Icelandic horses in the area of 't Gooi
Stoeterij frá Hófadyn Icelandic horse farm of Bianca and Cees Tak in Stompetoren
Strandlengja Icelandic horse association in the South of Holland
frá Blík Icelandics About the horses and their pedigrees
Maas en Peel Regional Icelandic horse association
Gaited horses Site dedicated to promoting gaited horses
't Schouwse 'Oekje Hobby farm of the Hanse family
Folda Farm near Barneveld with icelandic horse boarding, and projects for the special needy groups
Jolanda Scheepen Fotografie Horse photography with much icelandic horse presence
Rosworld For riding on Icelandics, quarterhorses with western riding etc. in the North of Holland
Buitengewoon IJslanders Many services around the icelandic horse on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug
Serious Riding - Isicentrum Upphofi Isicentrum Upphofi - The place to be for anyone who loves the icelandic horses
frá Ægir Grazing for icelandic horses, carriage riding, icelandic dogs
Punktur About riding Icelandic horses and learning from them
Center for Icelandic horses in Zoetermeer Info, lessons (VIT instructor), sale of saddles and iceland horse articles and the address for children's parties on the farm
Divoza Shop in comfort at home and order from a very large international collection
IJslanderstal Frá Markarhofi Hobby breeder in Barneveld
Top Reiter Importer of all Top Reiter products, with webshop
Taktur frá Tjarnarlandi Top stallion from Iceland, a son of Orri frá Þúfu
Het Broekhuys Farm in Limburg with courses, trail rides and grazing facilities
De Harles Hof Small scale icelandic horse farm in the hills of South Limburg
Skyjafar, farm and art shop Small hobby farm with many activities on the icelandic horse,, and horse portrait paintings on assignment
Stal Norðurbær Small scale stable for training, sales horses and stallions
Hákon van Woldlake Site about the Icelandic horse Hákon
Boogolinks Icelandics Links page for Icelandics
Rijvereniging Dilaska Riding club on the boarder of Drenthe and Friesland
Nyttland Nyttland is de stalnaam van de IJslandse paarden fokkerij van Arjen Heerema, Peter Donderwinkel en Sjaak Smeeing
Freymodur - Icelandic Horses Freymóđur is IJslands voor 'godenmoed'. Onze IJslandse paarden hebben godenmoed. Ze zijn sterk, onvermoeibaar, keihard, stoer, snel, cool, IJslands vuur, en zeker ook lief.
Perkoetoet Homepage about Icelandic horses, Shelties, Aussies and more
Söngstaðir IJslandse Paarden Small scale icelandic horse breeder
Equus Librium Horse and rider in balance
Manege "de IJslander" Nice riding tours in Walcheren
Stal Lakenstein Small scale hobby farm in the middle of the country
IJslanders.info Informative site about the icelandic horse
Marjon `s Icelandic Horses Icelandic Horses being clicker trained in the Netherlands.
Stal frá Loar Passion for horses.
Lyckle Kempers Eq.Dt. Gecertificeerd paardentandarts
Esmee and Rák Dream becomes reality
Icelandic horses farm fra Rósagrund, the Netherlands Training, instruction, horses for sale
Vacation on Terschelling Rides on the beach in private setting
Icelandics On-Line E-mail community and info site
Open Winter Indoor Welcome to the Open Winter Indoor!! On this site you will find all information about our competition.
Lyckle Fotografie Photography of horses, landscapes, dogs, weddings and more.
Heida-Faxi Breeding farm in Lieren, with the stallion Ari frá Árbakka
Elsa Marieke Bouman IJslandse Paarden Training Icelandic horses in Amstelveen
Fluga Carriage Builders Carriages made to measure
ClickTrain Clickertraining for horses
Iceland Specialist The travel agency for Iceland tours, individual or groups
Prydi IJslanderzadels Fitting saddles for your icelandic horse in tölt and pace
Jacobskruiskruid Find out about the Jacobskruiskruid problem
Paddockparadijs Paddock set up for optimal welfare of the horse
Ivanhoe horse equipment Specialis for eczema horses
Hestar Kraftur The Power of horses, Jolanda Hondius Eemnes
IJslanderkracht Small company with focus on riding lessons, mirroring horses, coaching and training
Bleikja and Aesa Site about two icelandic horses
Hoefnet Addresses, Bulletin Boards, Calendar, Hot news
Tekstotaal Christoph Bouthillier - ItchBase - Dogfile Pro
Stal frá Þrastarsöng Lessons on Icelandic horses
Krafla Krafla
AB Ruiterbegeleiding private lessons, duo lessons, workshops and horse training
Horse- and - behaviour Advise on behavioural problems and horse training
paarden.rtlplaza.nl Part of RTLplaza.nl searchpage with Top Links
Atelier 't Boveneind Atelier that produces textiles with a.o. icelandic horses
Ludvikov horses & holiday Guest house, campsite, riding company. Rides on icelandics.
Fly Free Eczema blankets
IJslanders recht richten Information about academic riding, natural horsemanship for icelandic horses
Equismart Specialised in eczema blankets
IJslanderlogeerstal Smáhéra Temporary address for your icelandic horse in Germany, 45 minutes from Oldenzaal
M/V & horse Learn together, work together
New Zealand
Icelandic Horses in New Zealand Icelandic Horses have now been imported into New ...
Norsk Islandshestforening Site of the Norwegian Icelandic Horse Association Official site
Stall SP Website of world champion Stian Pedersen
TØLT XO Bråta Gård Kongsberg Breeding, training and sales
Sleipnir Riding Association
Røysland Gård Icelandic horsefarm between Risør en Kragerø
Sætra islandshestgård Farm in Norway with horse sales and activities
Islandshestsenteret AS Breeder near Kristiansand
islandshester.no Breeder with top stallions
Dyrhaug Ridesenter AS Welcome for a hike in the tracks of the Carolingans and the Pilgrims
Islandshestene på Holmen Homepage of Elin Kristiansen and Morten H. Riis
www.kval-avl.no Quality breeding farm
Myrvangen Icelandic horse farm between Oslo and Trondheim
Stall Stigen Riding tours in the area near Mosjøen
Xenubi Islandshester Small horse farm and dog kennell
Sigersberg Gård Farm with import horses from Iceland and own breeding
Vestnes Islandshestforening Riding Association (only in Norwegian)
Vindur fra Åmsberg Silver dapple stallion
Gandur Islandshestforening Riding Association (only Norwegian)
Österreichische Islandpferdevereinigung Austrian icelandic horse society Official site
Islandpferde-Reiterhof Burghauser Summer holidays in Salzburger landscape with lots of riding
Panoramahof Farm of Johannes Hoyos
Islandpferdehof im Gut Sachsengang Farm close to Vienna
Piet Hoyos Icelandic horse farm
Islandpferde Stefanihof Icelandic horse farm and riding center
Marchegg Icelandic `s Icelandic horse farm - Marchegg
Icelandic Horse Center Forsthof A center for a riding holiday, courses, horse sales and more
Haus der Pferde Hotel and riding center with complete facilities for icelandic horse riding
Lucia Koch Site of competition rider Lucia and the stallion Jarl frá Midkrika
Reiterhof Oberheitzinggut Farm with 80 icelandic horses for riding tours
Islandpferdehof Krähenweide Farm and breeding by the Ludwig family
Johann Trieb Saddles and riding gear
Islandpferdehof Adenberg Hof at 45 km from Salzburg in beautiful riding area
Reitstall Reinlein Farm close to Stadl-Paura
Gut Pöllndorf Icelandic horse farm & riding programs
Islandpferdehof Nadja Desput Training center in Loipersdorf
Icelandic Horse Club Tyrol Riding Association of Icelandic Horses in Tyrol
Islandpferdehof Saldenau Riding and holidays near the Bayerischer Forest
Punktur Poland Dutch company with Icelandic Horse breeding
Icelandic horses in Slovenia Site with beautiful pictures and Slovanian links
Rideferie i Slovenien Riding tours in beautiful Slovenia
VindFaxi The somewhat different icelandic horse farm in the South of Spain
Czech Republic
United States of America
USIHC United States Icelandic Horse Congress Official site
Alfasaga Farms Icelandic Horses
Gudmar Petursson Farm near Louisville Kentucky
Sunland Ranch Sunland Ranch Icelandic Horses
IceRyder Icelandic Horse Information and Resources
Northstar Farm Your Icelandic Horse farm of Ohio
Flying C Ranch Breeding farm in Santa Ynez Valley inCalifornia
Tölt-News.com Online resource for icelandic horses in North America
Áfangi Icelandic Horses Horse farm in Michigan
Farandi Farms Icelandic Horses Horse farm in California, established in 1991
Tamangur Icelandic horses Farm in Colorado
The versatility of Icelandic Horses Nice stories, pictures and links about the versatile Icelandic
Ice horse Designs Online shop
Sand Meadow Farm Small hobby farm on Long Island 40 miles East of New York City
Rock Ranch Specializing in Icelandic and Gypsy Horses
Creekside farm Farm in Georgia
Icelandic Horses Midwest Riding, sales horses and more
Seigur Icelandics We aim to provide customers with Icelandics specifically bred for the trail
Icelandic Tack and Country Gift Shoppe Inc. a virtual store located in the rolling hills of the Spokane Valley
Two Bit Farm Two Bit Farm is located in the scenic Sandia Mountain Foothills in Placitas, New Mexico
Icetolt Icelandic Horse Ranch Feel the hoofbeat from Iceland, est. 1999
Curtis The Curtis Ranch is ...
Hestakaup Various videos a.o. from Landsmot 2006
Icelandic Sports,Ltd - Millfarm Icelandic horse breeding and training center
Lone Cedar Icelandics Training ** Breeding ** Sales ** Information
Equilith Icelandic Horses Farm in Florida
Winterhorse Park Icelandic Horse Farm Farm located two hours North of Chicago
Prairie Garden Farm Breeding farm in southeast Iowa
Valhalla Icelandics Icelandic horse center of Steinar , son of Diddi, and Stina, in California
Sokki My Icelandic Horse
Draumur Icelandics Ranch nestled in the mountains of the Wasatch Front in Utah County, Utah
FM-Icelandics Riding lessons and training for icelandic horses by Florie Miller
Bylur The Icelandic Horse
Windy City Icelandics Site of private stable near Chicago
Tombstone Mountain Icelandics Icelandic Horse farm -some pictures
Klakahross Icelandic Horses A training Facility for the gaited Icelandic Horse located in Oklahoma.
Sif-Sweden Swedisch Icelandic Horse Association Official site
Islandshästar i Skåne Cooperation of breeders and sellers in the south of Sweden
Kvarnbackas Islandshästar Farm for trekking, horse sales and more, in the South of Sweden
Idunn Breeder association
Gröna Gångens Islandshästar Partner of the icelandic breeder Holtsmúla
Östergård Islandshästar Family farm near Malmö
Riibygård Riding school and tourriding
Slätterne Gård Icelandic horses for sale, stallions and much more
Vindbacka gård Riding and sales horses near Örebro in central Sweden
Margaretehof Islandshestcenter Large Icelandic Horse center in the south of Sweden, with stallions and all riding facilities
Gibraltar Islandshästar Tourriding
Rauðhetta Welcome to the Homepage of Rauðhetta Islandshästar
Gullunge hästar och Pilens hundar Horses and dogs in the middle of Sweden
Stenholmen Breeding stable in Sweden
Askagården Training, courses, stallions, sale horses and shop
Lenstad Islandshästar Farm with horse pension
Kullabergs Islandshästar Tourriding on the southwest coast of Sweden
Näsets Islandshästar Many services around the icelandic horse
Mörtsjötorps Islandshästar Training, riding, breeding and horse sales in Södermanland
Hesthaga Gård Breeding, shop, horse shoeiing near Helsingborg
Uppleva Icelandic horse trips in Toscane
Slätterne Gård Family business in Hälsingland
Smårsgårdens Islandshästar Riding school, tourriding, horse sales and more
Camilla & Hjalti Sports riders with breeding farm and training courses
Sundsberg Islandshästar Breeder with the stallion Isar fra Keldudal
Pilekull Farm near Hässleholm in the south, with the stallion Gaukur
Islandshästkonsult Training center with many facilities near Uppsala
Ödegården Islandshästar Modern icelandic horse riding center 200 km from Linköping
Stall Islandica Riding school and training center
Studfarm fra Dagrenning Horse riding, boarding of young horses, horse sales in a beautiful nature area in the South
Alvargårdens Islandshästar Riding in Öland
Skeppargården Breeding and training farm on the southwest coast of Sweden
Hallagården Breeder and B&B in the center of Sweden
Gaverstad Islandshastar Beautiful farm with special coloured horses
icehorse.se Breeder in the south of Sweden
Nútið Islandshästar Breeding and sales in Skåne
Fengur Islandshästar Family farm
Islandshingstar.se Stallions in Sweden
Tess Ishästar Training, instruction and sale horses
Haninge Icelandic horse trekking center
Gimli Islandshästar Icelandic Horses. Import and sale
Milåsa islandshästar Private farm with colourful horses
Tess Ishästar B instructor and C trainer
Islandshästcentrum Norr Riding courses, horse sales
Elgaeyjar Islandshästar Small scale Dutch owned icelandic horse company with holiday home and trailrides in the beautiful Bolmen lake area in south Sweden
Änghaga Islandshästar Breeding and selling near Malmö and Copenhagen
Kollberggården Riding school and tours on Öland
Storsudrets Islandshästar Small icelandic horse farm on Gotland
Foje Hof Icelandic Horses and saddles in the south of Sweden
Islandshästmarknaden Informative Icelandic horse site for Sweden
Islandshästar i Lenstad Farm on the island of öland
Hästlif Trainers on the southwest coast of Sweden
G. Einarsson Icelandic horse training
Jenny Göransson All sorts of training and courses for horses and riders
Fönix Breeder with many silver dapples
Sveahestar Icelandic horse center in southwest Sweden
Hjälmrydshästar Tourriding in Borås south Sweden
Frosti Islandshästar Import and sales of horses from Iceland
Sundsby Farm with the highly judged stallion Oliver fra Kvistum
AlliUnn Beautiful icelandic horse center and leisure center in old convent
Östanskär Gård Islandshästar Farm in north Sweden
Sarah Hill Training and starting horses
Örnäs Islandshästar Riding school and breeder north of Stockholm
Engårdens islandshästar Small family breeding farm
Smedjans Islandshästavel Breeder near Lund in South Sweden
Silverkedjans Islandshästar Breeder Tim Kvick, specialised in silver dapples and other coloured quality horses
Prästgårdens islandshästar Top Breeder near Karlstad
Söderåsens Islandshästar Tourriding, breeder and sale horses in the south of Sweden
Wahlbergs Islandshästar Small breeder in Östra Jämtland
Berit Edvardsson Training, courses and sales horses north of Östersund
Skáneyland Stable in Skåne with stallions
Navåsens Islandshästar Breeder near Stockholm with the stallion Kjarkur frá Egilsstaðabæ
Alstrums herrgård Riding on icelandic horses
Saga Hestar Business of Sigurdur Gudmundsson
Hvidagården Breeder in central Sweden
FlygandePass Organises riding tours in Iceland
Frihamra Islandshästar Farm in central Sweden
Wreta Gård islandshästavel Farm close to Stockholm
Gårdeby Stuteri Breeder with a.o. the stallion Oskasteinn frá Oddholi
Raudhetta islandshästar Breeder with the stallion Mentor från Västanåsen near Göteborg
Hallvide Icelandics on Gotland
Frötuna Gård Tourriding, conferencing, sales horses and more
Fors Gård Icelandic horse company that exists 20 years in 2004
Eskilsby gård Farm southeast of Göteborg
Asphults Islandshästar Farm in Sweden
GaJu Islandsheste Julie Christiansen
Dalagården Breeder in the southwest of Sweden
Anna Danielsson Horse trainer, horse sales
Skogsdala Islandshästar Breeding and training in the south
Bögsgård Farm north of Stockholm
Pålsmåla Gård Breeding and horse sales in south Sweden
Ammor Islandshästar Various services around the icelandic horse
Kronogårds Islandshästar Farm in the South of Sweden, Ljungby area
Frihamra Islandshästar Farm in central Sweden
Lauhästar Breeding and horse sales on the island of Gotland
Lisa Mörtberg Horse pictures, and graphic design
Hässleberga Gästgivargård Farm in south Sweden near Malmö and Lund
Hvidagården Farm in central Sweden
Hästlif Horse training ans sales near Helsingborg
Östra Greda Islandhästgård Training, Rental, Stallions on Öland with stallion Sibelius vom Eichenhof
Sörbygården B&B for riders and hroses, also horses for sale
Alvargården Horse company on Öland
Equss Islandia Professional trainers north of Göteborg
Hökabygget Icelandic horses Private icelandic horse farm in the south of Sweden with small breeding operation of top quality
Magnus & Anna Homepage of world champions Magnus and Anna Skulason
Ekhaga Islandshäst & Konferenscenter Horses combined with B&B and conference facilities
Askur från Håkansgården Elite stallion
Stall Hemmesta Stable in Skåne
ellwe NaturePhotos Pictures of icelandic horses
Stall Vralen Tourriding, courses, breeding
Emmigården Breeder in Southeast Sweden
Kolmårdens Islandshästar Farm close to från Norrköping
Frost Import Import of icelandics to Sweden
Agersta Riding, conference, horse sales, online icelandic horse shop
Kyrkekvarn Riding and conference center in the south of Sweden
Ingelstad Islandshästar Small scale farm in Östergötland
Gislagårdens Islandshästar Farm of Ewa Gislason
Emelie Romland Sports rider and horse trainer in Skåne
Alby Islandshästar Farm between Uppsala and Stockholm
Holy Divine Seller of icelandics from Sweden and Iceland
Sjöutsikten Islandshästar Icelandic and Frisians
Jamila Berg Competition rider and trainer
Gunnarsbo Islandshästar Farn in the southeast of Sweden
Stall Hästabet With the stallion Flipi från Österåker
Mädan Islandshästar Stable in Nordingrå
Åsbacka Family farm
Hrimhestar Many sales horses of different types
Solberg Riding therapy, riding lessons and breeding
Von Islandshästar-Stall Österåker Icelandic horse farm of Margareta and Eje Pålsson
Manketorps Islandshästar Riding tours and more in Oskarshamn
Uggelhult islandshästar Lessons and riding in Uddevalla, south Sweden
Stall Tofta Breeding and tourriding north of Göteborg
Höglandets Islandshästar Farm in Småland, the South of Sweden
Brösarps Gården/ Magnus & Anna Breeding and training in southeast Sweden
Roasjö Icelandic horses Icelandic horses and wonderful nature
Bronco Photo Professional pictures of Icelandic horses and events
Slåttlandets Islandshästgård Farm in Lingbo, Sweden
Hrímur från Jupitertorp Palomino stallion, son of the famous Askur fra Håkansgården
Gnistans Islandshästar Small scale quality breeding south of Örebro
Vendels Islandshästar Horse rental
Från Kalvsvik Islandshästar Small scale breeding farm
Stal Vinaminni Icelandic horse stable 300 km northwest of Stockholm
Bodarnas Islandshästar Tourriding and horse sales in Dalarna
Göranstorps Gård Riding and breeding
Alderkärret Islandshästar Riding school and tourriding near Stockholm
Tunagårds Islandshästar Small breeder in south Sweden
Stal Blossi Icelandic horse farm near Göteborg, horses for rent and for sale
Västerboda Islandshästar Breeder with highly evaluated stallion Soldán fra Hvitanesi
Hästarna på Snäcksjön Horse farm north of Stockholm
Ljungstorps Islandshästar Riding lessons, sales horses and more
Jor Icelandic Horse club
Grönåkers Farm Horse tours and many activities for tourists and horse lovers
Stall Akur Stable near Stockholm with stallions and breeding
Stall Vindäng Breeding farm with silver dapple stallion
Stall Kristinedall Training, courses and sales horses
Gormgårdens Islandshästar Breeder in Östersund
Fors Gård Tourriding, lessons, breeding and sales in the Stockholm area
Talltorpa Islandshästar Icelandic horse farm in Åland
Hästhava Breeding farm in south Sweden
Óðinn Welcome to Óðinn `s Icelandic horse riding club
Kaggetorps Islandshästgård Small seller in Småland
Västanåmarka Gård Riding tours, riding school and more
islandshästar Horse sales
Tomarps Islandshästar Tourriding, riding school, horse training, etc.
Solbacken Stallion owner and breeder near Göteborg
Pinneboda Islandshästar Tourriding in the south of Sweden
Solbergs Islandshästgård Family business
Gota Islandshästar Tours and Icelandic horses for sale
Grödinge Icelandic horses
Möllargården islandshästar Breeder and horse sales in South west Sweden
Skáneyland Breeder in the south, near Everöd, with large natural grazing area
Stora Frösboholma Gården Small farm with tourriding and some horse sales
Hittahäst Joint horse sales of Margarethehof and Fojehof
W-Gård Islandshästar Breeding, sales and boarding near Göteborg
Stall Vindheimar Breeder with the silver dapple stallion Emil frá Vestri-Leirárgörðum
Stall Akur Horseriding and more in central Sweden
Kåshässle Islandshästar Competition rider and trainer in the south of Sweden near Perstorp
Martisgårdens Islandshästar Horse training and more north of Uppsala
Lyckans Islandshästar Riding school and course center
Randagård Small family farm
Ånnaboda Rid- & Köräventyr Icelandic horse farm and horse riding near Örebro
Frida Islandshestar Trainer near Stockholm
Myrnäs Islandshästar Breeder and training center
HagaNäs Gård Sales of horses near Örebro
Kasen Islandshästar Breeder with the stallion Sproti von Aubachtal
Ósk-hjälpen Sales of slaughter or 'blood' foals from Iceland
Islandshästbilder Picture site
Kjarkur frá Egilsstaðabæ Site of the top stallion Kjarkur frá Egilsstaðabæ
Islandshingstar.se Site presenting various Icelandic stallions in Sweden
Slätto Turridning Many different riding tours in central Sweden
Àquiljór Regional Icelandic horse association
Fengur Islandshästar Farm north of Göteborg
Eskeryds islandshästar Icelandic horse farm in the southwest part of Sweden
Vallerödslunds Islandshästar Tourriding in south Sweden
Trausti frá Ártúnum Homepage of Lisa Kjell
Stormbo Islandshästar Small scale farm with horse sales near Västervik
Horshaga Islandshästar Breeding and horse sales in the middle of Sweden
Hrannar frá Kyrholti Ofeigur son and elite stallion
Ängsö Islandshästar Riding tours, courses and training center
Västanvindens Islandshästar Horse center east of Göteborg
Ola Hans Gård Family stable near Lund in the south of Sweden
Ängsgården Farm near Laholm in the South of Sweden
swe-icehorses Sales horses, training by professional trainer
Vederslovsgardar Icelandic and Arab horses
Södra Öfalla Islandshästar Horse farm in Granbergstal
Killebacken Sales horses in Degeberga in the south
Islandshästarna i Snararp Small farm in Kalmar, south of Sweden
Riddari Islandshäst Center Riding school
Rannarve Islandshästgård Farm on Gotland
Tiljeholmens Islandshästgård Tourriding in Norrland and horse sales & import
Geysir Icelandic Horse Club in Sweden
Grintop Icelandic horses
Michaela Fehr Horse trainer and competition rider
Talltorpa Islandshästar Farm in central Sweden
Gatugård Small scale Icelandic horse and specialised hay-farm in Vederslöv
Ripegården Icelandic Horse farm of Elisabeth Arnmark
Lisas Islandshästsida Lisa `s site
Myrkarby Tourriding
Bifrost Home page of the northern Icelandic riding club in Sweden
Vildmarkens Islandhästar Various services and training of the icelandic horse
Vargheden Icelandic horses Bárði, Draumur, Refur, Skuggi and Víkingur
Boett blanket from Sweden Boett blanket against summer eczema
Södra Öfalla Islandshästar Riding tours, sales horses and more near Karlskoga in mid Sweden
Valleröds Hästar Horse centre in the south of Sweden
Kyrkekvarn Holidays and horse riding near Jonköping
Västanvindens Islandshästar Farm near Göteborg
Kristinedalls Gård Horse farm in Uddevalla with sale horses, training, courses, product sales etc.
Graneborg Training, sales and riding of the icelandic horse
IPV CH The Icelandic Horse Society of Switserland Official site
Hof Weierholz Various services and training
Gestüt Niederfeld Training and more
Reithof Neckertal Homepage of Sandra Scherrer
Plarenga Homepage of Ladina and Diddi Sigurbjörnsson
Talbach-Hof Riding-farm surrounded by forest ideal for riding
Auas Sparsas Breeder in Kanton Graubünden
Auhof Chur Riding for health
Rotecheweid Horseback riding and Sales
Islandpferdehof Zündli Farm in Giswil
Hestar-Hof Homepage of Eve Barmettler
Vatlarblossi Site of Uschi Heller, Icelandic Horse Service
Gaited Horse Center Ófeigur Training, horse boarding and much more
Reithof in der Rüti Riding Center for disabled children, using icelandics, haflingers..
Hof Oberimatt Farm which offers Hypotherapie
Ljómi the Icelandic Horse Site about Ljómi
www.islandpony.ch Informative site with many pictures and horse-colour overview
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